What are the reasons why many website owners are moving their hosting service:

  • With the current web-hosting provider the cost is to high compared to others web-hosting providers who offer the same services, sometimes coming even with better quality*.
  • With the¬†current web-hosting provider there are too many downtimes (the website is not available online or doesn’t function well enough for end users, it’s not visible on Internet).
  • The current web-hosting provider doesn’t offer ‘Web-Mail service’ with the current hosting plan, and is charging additional fee for offering it.
  • The current web-hosting provider doesn’t offer ‘Softaculous App 1-Click Installer’ and the ‘Website Builder Application’ within the control panel.
  • With the current web-hosting provider the loading speed of the web-pages is slow or very slow (the website is moving slow).
  • The current web-hosting provider takes too long time responding to the support tickets that customers are opening up (with technical or billing issues).

*How we define a ‘Better Quality’ web-hosting service at Webhost Systems Ltd:

  • Affordable price for a ‘Quality’ web-hosting service that includes as many as possible features.
  • Extreme speed, professional security and confidentiality (Data Protection).
  • Excellent Support Service: permanent availability, responding fast to any query and resolving any issue related to the service provided.

If you decide to move your Website(s), VPS or Dedicated Server web-hosting to us, we will take care of the entire data-migration onto our network, for free.

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